Aquarian the Water Bearer

Aquarius Dreamer February Humanitarian Intellect winter



Aquarian element is air.

Their Quality is fixed.

Colors are metallic silver and gold, fluorescent blues, greens, violet and purple.

Their season is winter.

Birthstones are star sapphire, garnet, amethyst, moss agate, opal and sugilite.

Gemstones are turquoise, Talismanic stone, amazonite, blue lace agate and angelite.

Born between January 21 to February 19, the water bearer sign is full of contradictions, a dreamer with her feet grounded in reality. Aquarian's are free-spirits but many do have stubborn streaks which could dampen that non-conformist personality. 

They are bright and will often break the ice with an off beat comment and make you laugh. Yet, the intellect can come across as aloof, as they are in their own mind frequently, analyzing those near them with the sharpness of a needle.

The Aquarian is a good friend, a humanitarian at heart who always has an open ear for you and with advice that will serve you well. 

As Aquarian’s love freedom they are experimental, sometimes to the surprise of those around them. They attract many friends but only a few will be close enough to call intimate. In love the Aquarian’s natural free spirit thrives on the unconventional and places a high value on freedom. But when they are truly in love this free spirit will be loyal for the long term.

Aquarian’s are ahead of their time, visionaries, artists, inventors and eccentric. They are self governing beings that can distance themselves from the every day of life- this all while being very social but supremely private.

Ultimately these individual beings relate to their fellow humans with an outsider's perspective. They possess a seers wisdom with a keen interest in causes for the advancement of humanity.

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