Dark Green Jade Facial Roller
Dark Green Jade Facial Roller
Facial Roller in Dark Green Jade
The Zen Den San Pedro

Facial Roller in Dark Green Jade

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Jade has been called the “dream stone” as well as the “stone of fidelity” bringing purity, love, and integrity in the union of love relationships. 

In the dream realm Jade assists in moving and flowing in dreamtime, remembering truths and seeing ways to bring manifestations into dreams.

Jade connects to the heart chakra (Anahata) and can be utilized for heart healing and relaxing meditations. The various shades of jade can connect to various levels of the heart conscious.

Jadeite throughout the ages has been sought after, considered a lucky, benevolent, prosperous stone, bringing wisdom to one's life, environments and world. It supports building one's foundation, bringing strength and self-confidence, self-reliance and assurance.

Facial Roller in dark green Jade.

Each sold separately. 

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