Benji's Favorite Things: Halloween Edition/ Seance Tips

Full moons on Halloween only happen every 18 to 19 years. Full moons and Halloween both are good for piercing the veil and communicating with the other side.

If you want to communicate with those beyond, and if you think ouija boards are for simpletons, (I sleep with one under my pillow)

And if you can’t trust yourself to give honest answers with a pendulum, now Halloween 2020 presents itself as an optimal time for any sort of seance you might conceive. If you are a spiritual person, simply create a ritual to talk to your dead grandmother yourself, but still read this article to discover Benji’s Favorite Things: Halloween Edition.

If you are new to communicating with the great beyond, follow these simple steps to ensure you have a fruitful and safe communication.

Many people are under the misguided belief that you have to have a seance in a haunted place. First of all, every place is haunted. Second of all, not every place is haunted in the way that fits the needs of a seance.

For example, if you rented a room on the Queen Mary.....

And decided to do a seance after, you would get too much interference from the poor souls who must toil on that cursed ship forever; and you probably wouldn’t enjoy that.

To clear the space, you may smudge with sage or palo santo -- but if you’re staying in a place such as the Queen Mary, you probably don’t want to burn anything in your room. So, use Gaia Gems Moon Charged Crystal Lavender Sage Spray so as to not incur fines from smoke damage.

If you’re fancy, you may also want to put black tourmaline in the four corners of the room or of the property.

Next gather some close friends, who are believers, nonbelievers will weaken the collective energy -- perhaps people who have lost loved ones but definitely not people who will have anxiety attacks when they are covered in ectoplasm or hear ephemeral voices; and have your friends cleanse themselves as well. Yes, you can sage your friends, but they might have asthma. You could put a satchel of bay leaves, lemongrass or lavender in their pockets or bras.

Everyone participating in the séance must focus on the same goal. For instance, your purpose may be to contact a deceased relative. This intensifies your energy and increases your chances of success. Think about the purpose of the séance as you wait for it to begin.

If anyone has focusing issues, invest in fluorite.

Your space must be quiet; but sometimes the silence is chilling. To bless the silence, ring a third eye bell. On the same note, put away any loud paintings or artwork and silence your phones. 

For added protection against harmful radiation emitted by phones, place shungite in your space.

Dim the lamps and light black and white candles.

Before you start your seance, have questions prepared.

Write them down so you don’t forget. Zen Den has a great selection of journals.

If you know who you want to contact, the questions should be for that person. However, you might also create general questions to ask if you’re just hoping to reach the spirit world.

Lay relevant items such as photos on your table or the floor. Light frankincense incense to protect you from evil spirits and make your atmosphere more welcoming to good spirits.

Try spirit rapping as a basic option for yes-or-no questions. This method of communication asks the spirit to make a noise or give a sign as a response. Ask the spirit to rap once for “yes” or twice for “no.” Rapping works best for yes-or-no questions because they’re easy to answer. Listen carefully for a noise after each question.

You might also ask for the spirit to give signs. For instance, they might vibrate or spill a glass of water. Similarly, you might put 3 candles in front of the medium. Label 1 candle “yes,” 1 candle “no,” and 1 candle “I don’t know.” Ask the spirit to extinguish a candle to answer each question.

Recordings often pick up sounds or images that aren't heard or seen by the people present. Consider setting up a video camera or tape player to record what happens. Later, you can listen to the recording to see if there are special messages or unseen movements. Film or record the séance to pick up more responses.

You might say a prayer or spell for protection before you begin. You could say, “We pray for protection from beings that would do us harm. We ask the Goddess that only good spirits be allowed in our circle tonight,” or “Together we ask the spirits this night, to send us only the blessed and bright, we claim protection for everyone here, and no evil beings can come near.”

To start the sentence, join hands and say, “Tonight we are here to contact the spirit of Greta Darlow,” or “Tonight we gather to seek guidance from the spirit world.”

You might say, “We welcome any good spirits who are near us to join our circle. Please make your presence known,” or “We are reaching out to Ms. Greta Jeane Darlow. Please join us in our circle tonight when you’re ready.”

If nothing happens for several minutes after you recite the opening incantation, say it again. Continue to repeat the incantation every few minutes until something happens.

Anyone can ask the questions, not just the medium; but now one should let go of the hands. No one knows what happens, but it is believed to be unsafe.

A séance can be an emotionally intense experience that elicits a range of different reactions. If someone is crying or upset, it’s best to end the séance or to allow them to leave.

It's always a good idea to give a séance closure, as you would any other type of spiritual service or ritual. End the séance by thanking the spirits for joining your circle. You may want to say a prayer of closure. Thank the sitters for their participation as well, then blow out the candles to formally end the session.

Allow people a few moments to quietly pull themselves out of the spiritual realm and back into the physical, present moment. Then, turn on the lights and adjust to the world of the living. Give yourself a few minutes to process what happened.

Talk about the seance when everyone is ready, and most importantly, have a happy Halloween. 

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