Shopping for Sagittarians during COVID

Sun Sagittarius is a wonderful sign to be. 

Sure there are weaknesses with any sign, and a Sagittarius Sun may experience being too correct or honest at times; at times a Sagittarian may be prone to having too much of a can-do attitude, or to living in the moment too much.

This is because the noble and kingly sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which gives Sagittarians luck, positivity, confidence, aptitude for higher learning; and this can make undeveloped Sagittarians too idealistic or detached from reality. 

The simple solution for this is grounding and an openness to other kinds of insight. 

Excellent stones for grounding include hematite, smoky quartz and jasper. This will decrease a Sagittarian’s lowkey nervousness or downplayed jealousy.

A Sagittarius needs tact and support for their goal of spiritual enlightenment.

Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart. It is often used for calming and healing emotions, dispelling negativity and promoting peace. Sagittarians experience periodic bursts of energy and often ponder many complex ideas throughout the day and night, and have a propensity for insomnia. Rose quartz may also be used to promote sleep and alleviate other ills associated with Anahata imbalances. 

Another heart chakra option is green tourmaline for emotional stability; or green aventurine, which brings focus, vitality and soothes emotions.



One of the most luxurious stones for spiritual enlightenment is lapis lazuli, which was used by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Sumerians to adorn spiritual objects. It is the actual fifth stone on the breastplate of the original priests of the Israelites. 

Because the color blue occurs so rarely in nature, making it very expensive for the ancients, it is associated with royalty.

Lapis lazuli is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It is excellent for enhancing memory.

A stone connected to the planet Jupiter is Amethyst, the planet, the Sagittarius sign and stone are associated with the crown chakra. It is the stone of meditation which reveals a Sagittarian’s spiritual and philosophical nature.

A stone most associated with the Sagittarius sign is turquoise (also a royal rock), which speaks to the signs' truthful and communicative nature. It is best used for psychic healing and calming, but is about as versatile as clear quartz and can help strengthen any sort of intention. 

Since Sagittarians are travelers by nature, buy them something that could ease their travels. Very few people have luggage sets these days and it is a TRAGEDY.

Buy a Sagittarius a suitcase as a sign of hopefulness for the future, that someday COVID-19 will end and we can resume taking cheap flights based on tarot card pulls.

A Sagittarius in your life may be going back to school. Get them something practical such as a pencil pouch with a lot of pockets, or a binder with a lot of pockets or a satchel with a lot of pockets. Some are very poor planners if they don’t have discipline and rely on what’s in their pockets.

If you are shopping for a Sagittarius, and if you don’t know them very well, do not deviate from this list of aforementioned items and get a gift card to a store they don’t like or something that might harsh their vibe.

Sagittarians are hard to shop for because they involve their ideals and their latest musings into their lifestyles and appearances. Of course they will be gracious and say thank you, but they might not value it as much as you paid for it, and they may declutter it to a thrift store the very next chance they get.

You could never go wrong with gifting Jupiter-ruled people Amethyst.

If someone is an extreme Sagittarius, all they will want for their birthday is the right mixture of space and quality time, because Sagittarians are naturally lucky, confident and content and may prefer to attract what they really want; or they may be minimalistic because it is easy to be a wanderer with fewer earthly possessions.

Make sure to encourage Sagittarians and all people to be their authentic selves because we have wasted too much time disconnected and living in a matrix of illusion to continue maintaining the status quo of a conservative and therefore oppressive world.

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