Summer Solstice 2020: How to make it the most magical time of the year

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Use this Summer Solstice to purify the world around you and the world within you. Doing this offers a multitude of spiritual, social and material graces for you and those close to you. Energy spreads.

I don't want to talk about astrology because I'm not an expert, but the solstice and the eclipse align to help you turn the low vibrations into high vibrations. And there seems to be very many low vibrations around lately.

Those were there all along. It's just that the sun is now illuminating the inner workings of the mechanisms around us and putting all the suffering in full view, which is an indictment of the system as a whole.

The year 2020 is about clear seeing, as we're finding out; maybe at the end, some of us will end up clairvoyant and willing to take on the challenge of toppling systems created by harmful ideologies.

Around us is the realization of harmful ideologies, which I think of as the social contract.

We have to agree to comply with repressive and oppressive social, political and economic norms, from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to sleep, and we subconsciously enforce them on ourselves in our dreams; and by absorbing chauvinistic media without a critical eye; it is in our language and the thoughts we tell only ourselves and so on and so forth.

As humans, we probably cannot detach ourselves from the human experience (at least for very long), but what we can do is look within, recognize the parts of ourselves that need changing, take time to understand the steps that must be taken, and have the resilience and (dare I say) bravery to follow through.

If bad ideologies are like a virus, spiritual medicine is the treatment. You probably have a personal way of healing your soul; but if you are new to spirituality, or if you are simple enough -- put on a mask and take a run or be blissfully still, shout and scream until your anger transcends language or be quiet and listen for [SOMETHING GREATER] to whisper in your heart. If you can't decide, try it all -- sometimes duality aids in self-transformation.

Step out of your comfort zone, safely, pragmatically. You might discover a new love.

Not unlike corona, if you think you're sick, stay away. Be smart about how you treat yourself; be compassionate for yourself; but do consider others.

Knowing that energy does spread, if you have bad vibes, stay at home and work through them. Hold a stone. Stones traditionally associated with the Summer Solstice are:

But don't be afraid to take the advice of a professional who knows more than you. Realize for yourself that you do not have to take on a widespread illness or heal a systematic problem without support, and it is not heroic to try.

Appreciate the communal nature of all things. However, you should take personal responsibility for what you create and what you control.

While "self-love" is a popular term, I don't love it.

My heart chakra and third eye respond better to me being "real with myself." Don't get it twisted, self-doubt may cripple some, but I find that I am comfortable having an open mind about myself and I encourage my friends to take constructive criticism, and offer me insight if they suspect that I am wrong about something.

Of course I do love myself, but to me that isn't an enlightened state, that should be everyone's default; and that universal default state should be afforded to all, and that requires other baseline needs for all to be fulfilled. I would appreciate my happiness most if everyone else were allowed to live their dreams.

As a measure of self-love, take a bath with nice salts and baking soda to heal your energy; glide a rose quartz roller across your skin; adjust your chakras; drink chamomile tea. Stop and smell the lavender, rosemary and honeysuckle.

Even though you are one human out of roughly 7.594 billion, you have a blue print designed by [SOMETHING GREATER] and if you follow it, by continuing to evolve and encouraging those in your circle to evolve, you could be a shining specimen of humankind to whatever entities are watching. And that's what your ego really wants anyway, isn't it?

And even if you are feeling like a victim or taking on the strain of others or are hurting in some way, this Summer Solstice will help you release your tension and fight for your dreams to be made real in a hopeful future. 

Burn sage or palo santo and allow yourself to feel calmer than you've ever felt. Light a white candle. Be at peace.

Tap into higher levels of magic. Partake in a co-creative relationship with [SOMETHING GREATER] by following the direction the universe is pointing you in and becoming the person both you and the universe want you to be. Dream about the world you want to createThe next day, wake up ready to fight for it. 

Be proactive about fixing your relationships, take responsibility by getting to know your anger, dealing with your anger, releasing your anger, say you are sorry or finally accept an apology; and go into the future clear sighted and prepared to achieve your goals, which means being prepared to learn your truth and fight for it.

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