Amazonite Palm Stone
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Amazonite Palm Stone

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100% Authentic High Quality Amazonite Palm Stone

Item Dimensions:
- Average Dimensions: 6 cm Length x 3 cm Width.
- Average Weight: 40 to 65 grams.

Why Amazonite?

Amazonite is known for attracting good luck in finances, gambling and for helping dreams come into reality. Useful for protection against gossiping, spread of rumours and people who want to take advantage of you. It also helps to resolve unfair work practices against you and to propel businesses towards success by attracting new customers. If combined with Aventurine, it can create a powerful magnet for positive energies & prosperity. This gemstone, also cures loneliness & it can be placed directly on the 5th Chakra to balance that point of energy. This stone works with the 5th Chakra & it’s the birthstone of the zodiac sign Virgo.

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