Billberry leaves (Huckleberry) 1/2 oz

Billberry leaves (Huckleberry) 1/2 oz

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Billberry leaves (Huckleberry) 1/2 oz

Bilberry leaf doesn’t contain anthocyanosides, the antioxidant compounds found in the fruit. The leaf’s bitter quality is owing instead to a high tannin content, which lends the herb astringent properties.

Historically, bilberry leaf has been by herbalists to counter inflammation in connective tissue associated with bruising, digestive disorders, the degeneration of collagen and peripheral nerve damage.

There are a myriad of rituals and traditions surrounding bilberries in Europe. In Iceland, wild harvesting of bilberry is very popular during the berry season. The Finnish like to eat bilberries fresh and bake them into Mustikkapirrakka –bilberry pie.

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