Energy Protection Orgone home kit
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Energy Protection Orgone home kit

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Our bodies, minds and connection are so sensitive to these negative frequencies. I have witnessed first hand how harmful they are and have been guided to create and offer these protective EMF pieces

Each piece is made with intention and reverence for the crystals that embody it.

Use this Mandala as a crystal grid, wall art, charger for water, by your smart meter or wifi or just any space that needs energetic protection (everywhere:) I have this Mandala on my altar - and at my nightstand for my water.

I’m so honored to have this divine guidance flow through my hands to yours.

They are created with
Black Tourmaline
Clear Quartz
Pyrite Copper Aluminum
Reiki, Love and intention These are made by me, each created with so much intention and reverence for the energy it embodies and offers.

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