Heart Chakra Cleansing by Priya Chevallier
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Heart Chakra Cleansing by Priya Chevallier

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If you’re ready to open and balance your heart chakra in order to bring fulfilling and meaningful relationships into your life, then this book is for you! If you’re feeling lonely, unhappy, or dissatisfied in your relationships with others, then it’s likely that your heart chakra may be blocked, imbalanced, or misaligned. The heart chakra is one of the seven major energy centers in the body, and if this particular chakra is not open or balanced, it can result in being unable to connect with other people on a deeper level.

As a result, relationships can be hard to maintain, often leading to emotional pain that just won’t go away on its own. The heart chakra has a lot to do with your ability to love, forgive, and let go of resentment. People with a balanced and open chakra have the ability to open their hearts to other people, to show compassion, to give love, and to accept love.

This book is designed to help you open and balance your heart chakra, and to teach you effective meditation practices that will help clear and align the Anahata, your fourth chakra. Once you have a balanced heart chakra, you’ll be able to open and share your heart with other people, relieving yourself of any emotional baggage you may have been carrying through the years. Only then can you experience and enjoy immense love in your life, become whole again, and attain the inner peace that you so deeply desire. Let’s get started!

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