Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone
Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone
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Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

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Our palm stones are nice oval-shaped pieces that fit nicely in your palm.
· These stones are fantastic for reducing pressure, decoration, collecting, making crystal grids, terrariums, or statement jewelry.
· Meditation stones, pocket stone or worry stones, energy stone, power stone, healing crystal, paperweight, clam rock, amulet stone, protection stone.

Lapis lazuli is one of the most famous stones used in crystal therapy. Its intense blue color recalls that of the sky and the gold-colored veins the stars. It has always been used by priests to foster inner vision. It is not an easy stone to find, it is true. It has a fairly high price when it is of good quality. The economic value, on the other hand, falls for the less pure pieces but still remains good in the therapeutic field.

The meaning of the name lapis lazuli is blue stone. It is in fact one of the most famous blue precious stones, consisting of lazulite, calcite and pyrite. The latter gives it some beautiful gold-colored veins. Its properties have been known for many centuries, it seems even from the 5th century. In Buddhism it is considered one of the seven treasures.

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