Mindfulness For Children
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Mindfulness For Children

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By Tracy Daniel Phd.



As a teacher for over eleven years and now a devoted Aunt, I immediately saw the need to bring the benefits I was experiencing myself through my own mindful practice to the lives of kids and teens.

In this book, aimed at parents, teachers and anyone who works with children, I provide a brief overview of mindfulness, before looking at why mindfulness is so beneficial for kids and teens in today’s world.

I outline the benefits of mindfulness, before sharing practical ways to teach mindfulness to children of all ages.

In the Mindfulness Meditation section, various examples of meditation exercises are explored, with detailed directions to provide a guideline for developing a mindful practice that fits the needs of your children. In the remaining section, I look at ways to incorporate mindfulness into life at school, home and by making mindfulness part of your daily routine.

In many ways, this book is the tip of a much bigger iceberg, but I hope that it will empower you to make mindfulness part of you and your children’s lives and empower you to explore the potential of mindfulness.

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