Orange "Sacral Chakra” Tibetan Bell
Orange "Sacral Chakra” Tibetan Bell

Orange "Sacral Chakra” Tibetan Bell

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uddhist bells are customarily cast by hand from a special metal alloy in an elaborate and lengthy process and they may present imperfections. They are usually decorated with auspicious symbols. The bell represent the masculine and feminine principles in the cosmos and in the individuals energy body. The bell is always held in the left hand as these are the sides of the right and left channels in the body.

This is a high-quality Chakra Meditation Bell made in Nepal. It is handcrafted and comes in a handcrafted box. These bells have slight imperfections due to how they are crafted.


This is handcrafted item therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement.

3" at widest diameter of bell x 5.5" Tall

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