Pura Coco Coconut Water 11.1 oz
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Pura Coco Coconut Water 11.1 oz

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Pura Coco Coconut Water 11.1oz 

Pura Coco is made from 100% coconut water, pure and simple.

Our cold-filtering process retains the coconut water's freshly cracked flavor. The natural pink color is from the polyphenols, which are plant-based micronutrients packed with antioxidants. You will notice a blast of nitrogen gas when you twist Pura Coco's cap. The harmless gas protects the coconut water from the damaging effects of oxygen and maximizes freshness.

There are no sugars added, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. Pura Coco may be shipped without refrigeration but should be refrigerated once received.

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