Sunstone Rune Set
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Sunstone Rune Set

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Full sunstone rune set-


  • Rune Stones Set of 25 stones,includes 24 gold lettering stones with runic alphabet & 1 blank stone.
  • The runes can be used to guide you through problems or issues and show you what is likely to happen.
  • Rune Stones available through Natures Energies.All rune symbols have been hand engraved onto each of the crystals as shown.Comes with a velvet pouch.
  • It's ideal for personal use: you can grab a rune stone from the velvet pouch,when you are in the meditation.Also perfect as a gift.
  • Rune Stones Are Used For Witch Jewelry ,Witch Decor ,Witchcraft Jewelry ,Witchcraft Crystals ,Meditation Stones, Meditation Crystals, Meditation Kit ,Meditation Tools ,Magical Crystals ,Healing Stones

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