Super 7 freeform pieces
Super 7 freeform pieces

Super 7 freeform pieces

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Super 7 freeform pieces -Cacoxenite – (Also Known as “Melodies Stone” or “Super 7”)

It forms within crystal or amethyst as an inclusion. It is a rather rare occurrence, and can create a visually spectacular stone.

It can have(even when not visible) inclusions of Quartz, Hematite, Strengite, Beraunite, Rockbridgeite, Limonite, and Amethyst, Red Jasper, Tiger Iron, and the most valuable pieces, have visible green coloring within the stone itself and is the most rare coloring with the purple Amethyst and even smaller pieces of Cacoxenite with this green coloring can sell for 100’s of dollars to collectors.

It is believed to assist in the growth of all mankind by opening the mind to new concepts that can be shared throughout civilization.

This crystal is often used during a new or full moon to bring a healing, loving energy.ItExpands consciousness, is used for world meditation to increase spiritual awareness. 

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