Tarot 101 8 week course
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Tarot 101 8 week course

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Learn the fundamentals in this 8 week course that is 1 hour per week. We will provide the Classic Rider Waite Deck and an Altar cloth to each of our Tarot Class Attendees(Zoom option is available ) Classes are In shop. Each class is 60 minutes

Week 1: The origins of Tarot as a playing card game in Italy, Divination in the 18th century, and its roots in Egypt and religious implications.

Week 2:Symbology in Tarot

Week 3:The Fool’s Journey 

The journey of the major arcana

The journey of the swords 

The journey of the cups

The journey of the pentacles

The journey of the wands

Week 4:The Major Arcana-Journey through major archetypes as teachers and big life changes

Week 5:The Minor Arcana Pt 1 (Swords, Cups)

Week 6:The Minor Arcana Pt 2 (Pentacles, Wands)

Week 7:Reading Spreads: how to turn any number of cards into a narrative for your querent

Week 8:Memorization vs Intuition and caring for your cards


 this is an 8 sequential week course in shop