5 x 5 Inch Black Material Crystal Grid
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5 x 5 Inch Black Material Crystal Grid

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Crystal Grid 5 x 5 Inch (Stone SOLD Separately)


  • Crystal Grids can display your intentions out into the Universe. There is no one right way to create or use a Crystal Grid. It can be a powerful tool with a combination of how you lay your crystals and the intentions behind their setting. The universe provides with what we need, not exactly what we want.

  • Begin by pinpointing a specific intention you have for the grid. For example, you can create one for manifesting love.

  • Select your crystals with properties for love and the heart: rose quartz, aventurine, rhodonite, amethyst, lepidolite, selenite

  • Cleanse crystals prior to placing on the grid with sage, moonlight, candlelight etc

  • Take a moment to visualize, write down, meditate, or verbalize your intentions for the grid

  • You can begin placing the crystals with whatever feels right. You may want to begin outside in or inside out. Some might want to use sacred geometry.

  • Lastly, you may activate the grid with connecting the crystals by following the lines to each crystal or charging them with a clear quartz. To truly feel the effect of the grid, I would leave the grid for a couple of days on your sacred space :)

  • A few things to remember, intention is everything. This is a union of energies that come together to enhance your goals. Find crystals that truly aline. Sacred geometry refers to the study of shapes and mathematical formulas that appear in nature. The possibilities are endless; you can create a crystal grid to manifest any goal.

  • Mini 5”x5” 100% cotton, handmade, champagne vinyl image

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