The Natural Crystal Chakra Collection
The Natural Crystal Chakra Collection
The Natural Crystal Chakra Collection
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The Natural Crystal Chakra Collection

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The Natural Crystal Chakra Collection 

Chakra aligning natural crystal set from Woolzie.  The chakras are centers in our body through which energy flows. Hold these healing crystals (or keep them close) to unblock the energy in your body, promoting wellness, happiness, and personal growth.

 Red Jasper  Root Chakra - Feel grounded, independent, confident, and satisfied with your material blessings.

 Orange Carnelian  Sacral Chakra Bring this chakra back to balance for creative ambition, inspiration, pleasure, and vitality.

 Yellow Citrine  Solar Plexus Chakra - Unblock this chakra for a self-esteem boost, quieting an overactive ego with self-acceptance. 

 Green Aventurine  Heart Chakra - The center of love and compassion, the heart chakra promotes inner peace and kindness. 

 Blue Sodalite  Throat Chakra - Enhance your ability to communicate with others and increase healing self-expression. 

 Purple Amethyst  Third Eye Chakra - Improve focus and our ability to tap into our higher intuition for improved decision making. 

 White Clear Quartz  Crown Chakra - Connect to spirituality. This stone helps you tune into our bliss and appreciate your inner and outer beauty. 

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