White Oak Bark- Cut (Quercus Alba) 1/2 Oz

White Oak Bark- Cut (Quercus Alba) 1/2 Oz

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White oak bark has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties. Use the bark in teas, tonics, infusions. Good source of iron and B-12. Can even be used to tan leather or smoke fish!

Has been used as a tea or coffee substitute.

White oak is a hardwood tree found in the woodlands of eastern North America and Canada. The tree’s bark is actually grey, not white. White oak is prized for furniture making due to its beauty and durability. The hull of the 18th century frigate (USS Constitution) was made from white oak.

- Use in astringents
- Use as coffee or tea substitute
- May be used in tanning leather or smoking fish
- Create tinctures

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