Winter Solstice Yule Tide Loose Leaf Incense 1 oz
Winter Solstice Yule Tide Loose Leaf Incense 1 oz
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Winter Solstice Yule Tide Loose Leaf Incense 1 oz

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This beautifully scented mixture of Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Orange is a warm blanket of Yuletide blessings, all rolled up into a sensory delight. This loose leaf incense can be used at any time of the year, of course.


Suggested use:

You can take a fire safe container, such as a cast iron cauldron and put a charcoal round in it and light it. Let it get to the ashed exterior state and, while it is hot, take a good "pinch of thewinter solstice loose leaf incense and place it on the charcoal. The smoke that emits from it can be used to fill your space with the warm and inviting scents of the season

***Bonus uses: can also place a small pinch on a fire safe surface, such as an abalone shell and simply light it, making sure to blow out the flame once it starts to ember. You can use a feather to air it and keep it embering and let the smoke emitted fill your space and surround your bodily person.

2. You can place up to 1/2 of the tin in to a few cups of water in a  pot and bring to a boil or put a few cups of water in a crock pot with up to 1/2 the tin and turn it on for a warm scent throughout the house(be sure to follow instructions on your crock pot and if the water comes close to being fulled vaporized, turn it off.


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