Yellow Mustard Seeds Whole (Sinapsis Alba) 1/2 Oz

Yellow Mustard Seeds Whole (Sinapsis Alba) 1/2 Oz

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A wide variety of dishes from a host of different cuisines utilize the pungent flavor of mustard seed powder. Roasted vegetables such as tomatoes and beans can be enhanced with a little mustard. Simple rice can have mustard added, making it a more interesting side dish. Fish and meats can use an herb and spice mix including ground mustard seed as a coating for the meat, which cooks and caramelizes down to a wonderful succulent crust. An inexpensive yet flavorful dinnertime slow cooker standby of Red Beans and Rice will typically use mustard as a seasoning. Mustard can also be added to spice rub mixes that are used in preparing barbecued meats such as ribs. Curries rely on mustard for its piquant flavor. Pickle recipes of all varieties use organic mustard seed as one of the main pickling spices.

Mustard is an annual plant; the many, erect, branching, angular stem grows 2-7 feet tall and bears large, alternate leaves, the lower ones lyrately pinnatifid and somewhat bristly, the upper glabrous, entire, and lanceolate. Yellow flowers grow in elongating clusters in terminal racemes from June into November. Each has 4 petals. The black seeds develop in upright, bulgy, cylindrical, beaked pods which are held on stalks closely pressed to the stem.

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