Citrine  Pocket Cube
Citrine  Pocket Cube
The Zen Den San Pedro

Citrine Pocket Cube

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Citrine Pocket Cube- 1.25 Inches average width

We are continually exchanging, borrowing, and giving energies to different parts of our body, depending on what our soul and spirit are needing to experience at any given time.These kinds of exchanges do not come easily. We become exhausted when these types of exchanges occur chaotically and without reason. Citrine can help balance and facilitate these types of energies.

Finally, Citrine is a crystal replete with creative energy.

If you are looking for an assistant to jump-start your creative juices, then set Citrine next to your easel, your workbench, your musical instrument, or whatever other tools you use. You will feel your ideas springing forward more readily, without any hesitation.

In addition, it is a prosperity stone, aiding in the focus on and gaining of abundance.

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