Welcoming Grace, Wisdom, Understanding, Truth, Love, Peace and much more beautifulness in this Vernal Equinox, New Moon in Aries, Saturn into Pisces and Pluto shifting into Aquarius

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The Sun will be moving into Aries on March 20th at 2:24 pm PST this marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a time of celebration and the start to the New Astrological Year! The Equinox’s are the time of year where there is a balance in power of equal day & night, as well as a time where the veils are thin.  The Spring Equinox represents the time of the light expanding, growth, and quickening in nature that is seen in the plants, animals and birth of all forms of life on the hemisphere in which the Spring is being born once again.

This is a time where the seeds that one has planted in the winter will start to show their shoots. It is a precious time and creation, as always, requires continual nurturing and sustenance. These sprouts are a reminder that sometimes that which is not seen in the darkest of times and nights is still growing beneath the surface and we will see the sprouts and manifestations come to pass in divine timing. For all creation, is from a single spark of energy put forth into the universe and through continual dedication, this spark forms a fire, this fire is the “Fires of Life or Life Fires” and those fires will fuel one's creations.  This is an appropriate parallel, as Aries is not only the first sign of the zodiac and is the fire sign, cardinal fire. It is the Beginner, the Starter, the Initiator and the Initiated. For we are both in life, life happens through us and WHERE we add our SPARK of LIFE WILL ALWAYS GROW.

What is it that we choose to grow this New Astrological Year? I urge us to write down our unique gifts of life, our dreams, plans for the year, actions that will be taken, in dedication, growth, manifestation, in the connection of like-minded friends, family, community that we will reached out to and establish a support system and a grid of light shall continue to be formed. Where would you like to be at the next Spring Equinox? What do you see in your most divinely connected state of being? What kind of life is calling you? All these things are so important. Let us think Big, Much Much Bigger than we are used to, the World is growing beyond what it once was. New states of consciousness are available to us that have not been tapped for a very very long time.

The New Moon in Aries follows the Sun moving into Aries, occurring on March 21st at 10:23 am PST. This new moon will be at 0 degrees Aries, it enforces and protects new beginnings, births, plans and actions that are taken and established especially in this time period. It infuses these new pathways not only for this New Moon for the whole Astrological New Year but as well until March 21st, 2024. Therefore take heed and know what direction, vision, vibration and actions we are sparking and growing in life.

As many of us know our Beloved Earth and Humanity has been shifting for quite some time, shifting ages and in consciousness; this is clearly seen in the world around us. It is at its last notches or gears in one cycle of the great clock of this system of worlds. Not only are we ending of the Zodiacal year, the Sun and Moon in Pisces exiting, moving into Aries, but in the Gatekeeper of our Solar System also known as the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Transformer, Pluto is exiting the sign of Capricorn and entering the Sign of Aquarius on Thursday March 23rd at 5:13am PST. This significance is massive, though its effects may not be clear in these first moments or even year(s), the change is happening and much is being transformed under the surface and its full transformation is yet to be seen in the manifest world as of yet. Just as during winter when the light is at its least, the cold howls and darkness seems like it will never end, the tides have been turning beneath the surface and light growing behind the scenes, increment by increment and before you know it’s here in full form. Bright as the Sun in the morning sky, we are greeted with the truth of being and source of life. It does not mean there will not be new initiations and new challenges,  although it does mean there is being established a new slate and new state of consciousness that one can choose in how they will move through and process this change of frequency and establishment of new energy.


This is a visual I leave with us, the Golden Sun is rising in the East, its glowing indestructible light…this is after a dark night of humanity has begin to pass away. Do not allow any unseemly reflections of the outer world sway the christ-consciousness center and illumination, let us stay clear and rooted within the divine higher consciousness as far as possible. If we wander astray from the path or have obstructions in the path, just keep coming back to center and adjusting as needed, no over thinking, over complicating, just coming back to the sacred space of peace and creation within. The divine manifestations will come, the greater vision will manifest and light will continue to grow through conscious focus, direction of will and divine love & truth. When earthly life force is in integrity with divine life and light, it is not a question of the manifestation, it is an absolute. It becomes the law in which one's manifestation follows, but integrity must be established therein, with no division of will or unbalanced or unhealthy emotion.

Therefore in addition to writing out one's plans and actions for the New Moon & New Astrological Year perhaps one would like to do a short meditation. Light a white or yellow candle to symbolize the solar light expanding, growing and nourishing all life in all ways that are important. Call on our Beloved I AM Presence of Life, Source Energy, God/Goddess, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians, Ancestors & Celestial Friends of Light to walk with us every day and moment through this new year, assist in illumination of our consciousness and greater understanding of what is most important to us at this time in life and the actions in which would serve the highest good of life for us individually and for the collective as a whole. For as always…we are connected whether we know it or not, what one does affects the other, no matter the time and space, all is one. Remember to write down insights, illuminations, guidance and actions to take. Give thanks and move forward into the New Year, in rebirth, grace, guided light of the higher consciousness and truth. Each step forward matters, even seeming small, keep going. 

Many Blessings in this New Astrological & Natural Year Cycle! Welcoming Grace, Wisdom, Understanding, Truth, Love, Peace and much more beautifulness in this Vernal Equinox, New Moon in Aries, Saturn into Pisces and Pluto shifting into Aquarius.

Much Love,

Victoria 🌹

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