New Moon in Sagittarius

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Hello Dear Ones! The New Moon in Sagittarius apexes on today, November 23rd at 2:57 pm PST.  Sagittarius is the 9th Sign of the Zodiac, it is mutable fire, ruled by the planet Jupiter and known as the Archer.  Some of the positive qualities of Sagittarius are optimistic, charming, adventurous, “the life of the party”, free spirited, generous, truthful, passionate, independent, free-thinking, philosophical and outspoken. Some of the negative qualities can be impatient, restless, over-confident, forgetful, blunt, hot headed, inconsistent, illusionary and overindulgent. 


This new moon will bring a burst of enthusiasm to all signs of the Zodiac, although fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sag) and air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) may feel a stronger igniting of this energy. This can come through in a multitude of ways; the personality, adventures, travel, projects, discussions and more. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) will feel the fiery push to move forward as well. Although there may be some hesitancy because it is not their first nature to blast forward into projects and ventures. Even so this enthusiastic burst can be utilized by earth and water signs to propel one forward in positive progress that one can be proud of when looking back. 


In addition, Sag season is a great time to learn something new! Sagittarius loves to learn about new ideas, subjects, projects, ventures and more. There is no limit to how much one can learn and grow; for anyone that has Sag placements - You know this! It is usually a “labor of love” to devour new knowledge and wisdom. 


The Sagittarius New moon is a superb time to foster the positive qualities and put them to good use in our lives and release the limiting qualities that have held us back. It occurs at 1 degree Sagittarius therefore it will be in the pure Sag style that this new moon brings energy in through. Remember we will be passing through the balsamic or dark phase of the moon in Scorpio prior to the new moon. What is at the core of Our passions? What is the broader vision of where we want to go & be in life? These are just a few great questions to ask, feel free to add more to your thoughts!  This is a great time to bring more optimism in one's life. Perhaps in a new moon intention setting ceremony write down a couple areas that one would like to nourish with optimistic and expansive qualities of Sagittarius. Of course the counter aspects are important as well~write down a couple unhealthy Sag. qualities that would be good for releasing gracefully. As always one may use sage or frankincense & myrrh

 light a simple white or blue (think blue fire) candle or a specific new moon candle to aid you in your intention setting

An altar cloth with the coloring of the fiery element may be enjoyable   A small incense bowl with charcoal along with your favorite resin or a mini lantern; the heat and flame are good representations of the symbol of fire.


Gather together two pieces of parchment paper or regular paper in which you may write out your releases and intentions for this cycle. Thinking about the qualities of Sagittarius that we spoke of earlier. What would be beneficial to release harmoniously? What would be excellent to expand and bring a lighthearted spark to? Remember to call in your Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Guardians of Light, Source Energy clear your space before and after your intention setting meditation. Write out your releases on one of your pieces of paper, imagine yourself breathing that energy, thoughts, feelings and patterns that you are letting go of with grace and ease, pour into the paper. When you are finished take the paper outside in a fire safe container: such as a metal cauldron or abalone shell, burn with sage or palo santo if it’s a safe environment to do so. Otherwise, you can always take the paper outside and tear up paper releasing the energy & throw in trash that is outside of your home place. In both instances imagining all those traits being released gracefully and transformed into positive energy and empowerment by the light of your Higher Presence. When you finish, if transformed by fire you may mix or bury the ashes in the dirt as they are returned to earth. Then continue to write out your intentions that you are holding space for the New Moon in Sagittarius. Write them out as they have come into your life in a win/win way beneficial to all, keep these intentions in a safe space or a new moon journal.  Remember to take action steps throughout the 28 days; little by little, moving toward your heart intentions and new patterns; holding your vision and feeling in mind each day.

As always when finished give thanks for the gifts already in one's life and for the new to come through wisdom, ease and harmony. Thank your Guardians & Ancestors of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters & Source Energy for their assistance and support. 

Here’s to an exciting, adventurous, innovative New Moon in Sagittarius!! Many Blessings to us all!


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