Libra Balance and Self Care

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The Sun moves through Libra from September 23 to October 22. The beginning of Libra marks the Autumnal or Fall Equinox. Libra is a cardinal air sign and its ruler is the planet Venus, therefore those with strong placements in their chart may feel a stronger inclination to connect with friends, social events and even build romantic ties. The overall energies of the sign Libra may compel many to make shifts in their everyday lives to establish more balance and equilibrium. Although the keyword here is strive, balance may be the focus, though it is usually not the case, little shifts and adjustments tend to bode better and stick longer rather than sharp daft measures, otherwise you may have the scales bouncing off their axis from one extreme to the other.

Libra’s can be highly analytical, sensitive, graceful, charismatic, enjoy problem solving, are kind and even tempered, strive for balance, justice, fairness, and beauty. They enjoy decorating, perfecting things to be aesthetically pleasing and usually are good at event planning. Some of the shadow qualities of Libra are over-indulgence, over-thinking, overspending, laziness, indecisiveness and flirtatiousness.

When the Sun is in Libra it is a fantastic time to focus on nurturing oneself, setting new patterns that beautify one's body, mind and everyday pursuits. A couple activities that you may find enjoyable may be to take a sea salt bath  take a calming yoga or meditation class

 a creative movement class or even a nature walk. These particular activities assist in getting us in touch with the state of being our body is in, what it's saying & calling us to listen to and how we can take action gracefully to work with it rather than against it.

Especially for a Libra Sun, Moon or Rising another aspect of self care is relaxing the mind and constant analysis (that is usually going on in a Libra's head even if they don’t admit it).  This is where spa treatment, massage or weekend getaway may be in order. Also organizing and beautifying one's home, workspace or life in general is an amazing tool that almost magically reflects in the mood and atmosphere; making for a happier, more fruitful place to spend time. Ask yourself what can I beautify, that afterward I will feel soooooo much better? What exercise or activity can I do (that gets my heart rate up), that afterward I am going to feel more in tune with my body!!! What goal planning or task list that I can write up, to get the over-analysis out of my head; thus allowing for relaxation afterward. 

Taking the first small step forward is key during this time. Each step leads a little further down the pathway and soon you will see that satisfying progress that you so desire. But it doesn't happen on its own! So book that self-care treatment you’ve been thinking about, take the walk in nature, do the artwork to open your creative side, call the person and make the connection, accept the invite to the event and enroll in the class that gives you an outlet to expand your beautiful side. Gracefully open the pathway for new patterns that are healthy, beautiful, rejuvenating and balanced.  

Archangel Raphael is the Angel that is associated with the air element. Call on Raphael to assist in the earthly and intellectual realm for problem solving, beautifying thoughts and everyday reality on an individual and universal level in areas such as: home, relationships, body-care, beautiful surroundings, reflecting on inner organization of thoughts and clarity or any of the other areas spoken above. Remember to give thanks and write down your insights and action steps that you may receive during your meditation and connection with Archangel Raphael or any of your Guardians of Light.

Happy Libra Season!!

Victoria 🌹

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