New Moon in Taurus

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Greetings Friends, 

We had our New Moon this month in the sign of Taurus at 8:22pm pst on Tuesday,May 7th, at 18°. This new moon was focused on what and how we would like to grow in our foundation, finances, home, relationships, pleasures and beauty within and around us. With the recent Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 20th at 21° of Taurus this has been sure to stir up questions about our values, finances, resources, quality of living and relationships, our desires for the future and other areas that Taurus governs over. 

Though the new moon of Taurus has occured, the Sun is still in Taurus and it is an opportune time to continue to focus on what Taurus investments, qualities and values are important to us. The Sun will be conjuncting with both Uranus and Jupiter within the next week, so there are sure to be more intensified shifts, unexpected changes, advancements forward, and new blossoms in unexpected places and ways. Through these shifts and changes, let us remember step back into one's heart energy, calling our energy back to us purified by Source Light or Saint Germain's Violet Flame, call our gifts that are unclaimed by grace and ease and the love of Source/Spirit to flow in and around all that is good and constructive in our lives. Remember what we focus on will grow and expand like super grow at this time, so let us focus on the things that are healthy for us, support us on a physical, emotional, mental, financial, foundational, spiritual level. In ways that bring joy and happiness to us and the world around. What is in integrity with our well-being and true hearts joy? 

Though these times many seem tumultuous and uncertain, remembering to focus on the beauty as well as the responsibilities is equally important. We receive intuitive messages from Spirit through Nature and Quantum Field, which we are enveloped within. This greater consciousness which we are is available to assist  us at all times, though part of it is training our monkey mind to go to the quantum field and/or Higher God/Goddess self for the answers rather than the ego self. 

From the higher vantage point we will see the answers and path through the dark forest or twists turns and potholes. 

The moon moved into Gemini on May 8th at 4:32pm pst. This can be a time we are thinking about,  planning, connecting with higher consciousness to create blueprints on how we may work with and alongside Spirit to bring forth the seeds into sprouts that we have envisioned and intented on the fertile Taurus new moon. 

Remember, we can continue to clear out, organize, and let go as easefully that which doesn't support our highest good and soul value. We are focusing on what really brings genuine substance, higher quality aligned with soul purpose, depth of character, and beauty into life.  What is accomplished in one moment or in oneself sets the tone for the next moment and the next moment, then building momentum that becomes a frequency and force unwavering if not tampered with by outside forces. Such is also the nature of Taurus and the Forces of Nature; they keep growing and moving forward without end, adapting, transforming, and metamorphosis. That's an interesting Taurus/Scorpio reflection of growth and transformation without end.

Anyhow, my friends... I am wishing you a blessed New Lunar cycle and continued Taurus Solar cycle. May the true reflection of our soul reflect in its highest form and light on the planet, and its heart reflections remain even after we physically leave the planet. 

Perfect blessings,

Victoria 🌹

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