We are on the rise to the Full Moon in Cancer

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Greetings Dear Ones!

We are on the rise to the Full Moon in Cancer at 3:07 p.m. PST on Friday, January 6!  

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign whose planetary ruler is the Moon. In this sense the lunar and watery frequencies are doubled during this time. Some of Cancer's attributes are: intuitive, caring, motherly energies, nurturing, sensitive and home & family-oriented.

The Sun is reflecting its light upon the Moon through the sign of Capricorn, which is a Cardinal Earth sign whose planetary ruler is Saturn. A few of Capricorn’s characteristics are: discipline, structure, determination, accomplishing, persevering, fatherly energies and career/goal oriented.

This Full Moon will affect all signs in a way that emotions are amplified and deepened. One may feel sensitive in ways that they haven’t felt in awhile, or have feelings come up that they thought they'd never feel again. The Lunar nature and intuition can be tapped into more profoundly while the moon is in natural home sign. Also there is a special attention to the home being in order, cleaning, organizing and creating a cozy comfortable space of living is important.

Water and Fire signs may feel this Full Moon a bit more intensely and interestingly enough it could be on the more comfortable side for the water signs if they are in a place of positive focus on their feelings. Fire signs can sometimes feel uncomfortable in the watery emotions of Cancer, although it would be a good time for fire signs to explore emotions that do come up and nurture oneself through a physical outlet, such as: exercise, swimming, dance or another activity that allows for creative expression of one's feelings deepening. Air signs may enjoy this lunar and watery influence as it can expand the air signs mind and allow their consciousness to feel as if it is lifting off and floating in the ethers (just remember to come back down and ground). Earth signs may feel a depth in their feelings and a desire to feel solid and cozy in their home space. One note with the Earth signs is not to get too focused on one emotion should it start to feel very heavy, as one could begin to feel “stuck in the mud”. Move on to a new inspiring thought, action, situation or project that is of one's greater good.

As always with each full moon remember to take a breath, allow and process feelings as they come up, write and breathe through them, release gracefully what doesn't serve one's highest good.  Rather than focusing on the friction of opposites, may we focus on the exchange and balance between Capricorn and Cancer to bring support in work and home, masculine and feminine, the outer world and the inner world,  structure and fluidity, explore the integrated space between these two opposites. How can they both support in a positive creative way? 

Perhaps this is the gift; the allowance of support in the home and work, even though we can’t always see exactly how it will always work out. Let us remember that the present moment is the most important moment. That all life stems from the present moment, therefore taking a breath in the midst of the whirlwinds, changes, shifts and finding balance and one's center is so important. The space between cause and effect, between action and reaction can be one's sacred space that one may recollect, feel and discern before moving forward and making  the next decision or having a conversation. This sacred space is always important but during the Full Moon it is especially important.

This Full Moon I invite you to create sacred space and/or altar space where a short reflection and gratitude meditation can be performed. Sacred space ultimately is created within oneself, although tools that can be helpful to adorn and emphasize aspects of one's space. These items/tools can be found in nature, perhaps are already at home or if you are looking for examples of tools that may be helpful see below.

As always, I am wishing you an amazing full moon and many blessings flowing forward in each moment. Remember to write out your feelings, findings and inspirations as this is helpful for processing's and reflecting at later times.

Moonlight Blessings,


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