Harvest Full Moon in Pisces On September 9th, To amplify your dreams

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The Full Moon in Pisces ♓️ will peak at 2:59am PST September 10th.

The attributes of Pisces are sensitiveness, creativeness, intuitive, artistic, emotional, kind, changeable, dreamy. While the characteristics associated with Virgo are intellectual, critical, detailed, planners, grounding, body health, practical thinkers, healers.

The Sun will be shining through Virgo lighting up Pisces, therefore the areas of sensitivity will focus on intuition, past lives, artwork, creative ventures, vision/foresight, will be illuminated. On the shadow side the areas that could come up for healing are fears, doubt, past trauma, past life karma & patterns, stagnation, immobilization due to limiting beliefs. Calling upon your Guardians of Light to assist you as you move through both the light and shadow in gracefully healing ways is important, write down the insights that come and what you have learned.

During the Full Moon, Pisces will be conjucting Neptune which will amplify dreams, intuition and healing connections. At the same time there is a caution to not fall into illusionary thinking, stay away from pessimistic people, atmospheres, drugs and alcohol as they usually are affected by Neptune in an adverse way.

During the full moon we are releasing what we have been creating in the new and waxing phases of the moon. Therefore, a simple ceremony to give thanks for the creations that have come forth and grown in this cycle then release to God/Goddess, Source energy, whatever name you call the Divine Creator of all Life. Perhaps start with a clearing bath and utilize some bag salts:


 You may use a smudge wand for purification of your space:

You may call upon your Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel to attend you at this time. A simple white candle or full moon candle may be used in this meditation. 

A written description of your gratitude and release, place your written parchment paper into a small bonfire or burn in a fire safe container, such a cauldron or abalone shell. Allowing your prayer and gratitude to be released. Remember to give thanks and the close of your meditation/ceremony. 

However you choose to partake in the full moon, nurture & enjoy yourself.

Many Blessings,

Victoria 🌹 

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