New Moon in Leo Brings Vibrant Energy and Time to Self Care

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New Moon in Leo Blog

The New Moon in Leo will occur on July 28, 2022 at 10:55 am PST. At this time Leo energies will bring a surge of brightness to ones soul calling, a drive for renewal in ones heart's desires and the courageousness to be the leader of ones own life.  The Leo New Moon is dynamic full of life and spunk! If you declare it Leo will intensify its Light & Power on the seeds you plant; giving them an infusion of confidence, fortitude, passion and creativity in finding pathways that fulfill oneself on a deeper level.  Artistic and unique inspirations or endeavors may be more fruitful and delicious at this time. This may also be a time for New Love, or a Renewal of Warmth in a Present Relationship, or a Deeper Union with Ones Higher Presence. Some may feel call to connect with ones "Inner Child" or children in general. Perhaps taking up a new hobby or talent will be pleasantly surprising at this time. 

Fire & Air signs will definitely feel the fire ignited beneath them. It is akin to adding fuel to the furnace, compelling their manifestations forward into fantastic accomplishments, as long as they can focus and direct their Will Power. This Solar Ray encourages bringing projects to their penacle point and place of potency. Inspiration may be at an all time high! Water & Earth signs may feel a push out of their normal comfort zone or nest, this can be a good thing for these receptive signs as Leo energy assists in adding an extra infusion of confidence, passion, creativity and individuality. Standing in one's Power and Shining may come a little easier during Leo season (if one is not fighting against the current).

During the Leo New Moon you may want to do simple Intention Setting Ceremony. You may start by clearing your space with some Sage 

  or Frankincense & Myrrh calling on your Guardians of Light, Angels 

to protect and guide you as you set your intentions for the Leo Season. 

Next you may light simple yellow or white candle  or a specific Leo candle . You may also gather crystals that add to the Leo attributes such as: Tiger eye, Citrine, Goldstone, Sunstone, Garnet, Red Jasper, Goldsheen Obsidian, Yellow Calcite. 

A couple colors that are associated with Leo are orange, yellow and white. Therefore you may find an altar cloth of your desire that you may utilize to compliment your other tools.

Next set your intentions for this Leo Cycle, along with the Leo attributes  that are empowering to you. Make sure to write these out as you are grateful for and sincerely feeling the essence you are calling in and becoming. Some of you may have a New Moon Journal  even if you don't a simple pad or notebook will suffice.

As always when finished thank your Guides of Light, Angels, Source Energy for their assistance and support. Remember to take action steps throughout the 28 days; little by little, moving toward your intentions and goals, holding your vision and feeling in mind. It may require research, engaging & connecting with others, but most of all Shining Your True Self (because that's the Truest way to attract what you love).

Wishing you an amazing Leo New Moon and Season! This is the time for you to get out your paint brush (literally and/or metaphorically) and paint until your hearts content; the "Design of Your Life" no one elses.

Bright Leo Blessings!


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