Flower Essence White Henbane "higher self" 4 OZ.
Flower Essence White Henbane "higher self" 4 OZ.
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Flower Essence White Henbane "higher self" 4 OZ.

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Helps you stay to achieve spiritual ascension and higher vibration. *known as a flying herb*-the sensation of being lifted higher and connecting to the divine energy.

White Henbane. Flower essences are taken on a routine/regimented basis.

Suggested use: Focus on your heart, head, and body, and think about the white henbane plant and feel the plant's vibration and , with positive intention, tap into that energy. You would take one to three drops under the tongue, up 2 to 3 times a day.

We do suggest taking this at Least 2 to 3 weeks consistently, in order to tap in to the healing properties of the flower essence.


***Bonus uses:

1.you can use the drops of this flower essence in water to clear certain gemstones and crystals as well.

2. You can place up to 20 drops into distilled water and put it in a spray bottle to use it as an auric spray(alternative to smudging)

3. You can diffuse it in a necklace or bracelet, to tap in to the essence and its energy, as you navigate your day.



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