Celebrate The Buck Moon Through Self-Improvement

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This moon will not call you to be more mindful, this Buck Moon will force you to be more mindful. There are a number of measures you may want to take in order to avoid the pain the comes with growth while proactively activating the growth. They revolve around building consciousness which requires decluttering.

Unfounded thoughts only lead to pain and personal tragedy. The privilege of denial will be taken away; with consciousness, the hurt can be mitigated. Buy lepidolite for a shift.

Learn to live with less. Live with less static in your communication with yourself and others. Live with less noise. Live with less propaganda.

Be a dreamer who imagines a world with perfect peace, which is achieved through a disciplined kind of self-love. Problems cannot be solved using the same vibrations they were created with.

Your aura and your mind will expand. Be prepared to be shocked or scared, but do not be guided or paralyzed by fear. Be extremely grounded; but also be willing to abandon your old foundation for more solid ground. Hold on to labradorite to stay grounded while gathering enough magic to transform.

Make room for people who are more mindful than you.

These people may include people who are close to the Earth, these people are in a state of constant purification by Gaia.

Defend people who are speaking their truth, the most beautiful truths come from when a rational mind collaborates with an honest heart; so defend people who love innocently, allow these people to purify your heart.

Listen to people who know to depend on others, these people are among those who are most in-tune with their higher selves because they understand the communal nature of all things.

In order to open your heart, promote rapid transformation in your life and your mind and raise your vibration amidst challenges, carry moldavite during these times.

Surpass your ego in order to allow yourself to be challenged and to take full responsibility for who you become. Expand your mind and you'll expand your horizons. Accept pleasure and be optimistic. Release tension in your shoulders but stand tall.

You have full say over the old patterns that you honor that don't make sense to hold onto. You alone have the responsibility to enlighten yourself. If anyone else tries, it is out of generosity.

Often times it is difficult for empathic people to be around less empathetic people.

Indigo children and star seeds may be especially challenging to you, remember it is their job to be jerks in order to challenge people to see the world differently. There is no prophet who is despised except in his city and among his kindred and in his house.

Encourage challenging authority for the mere sake of challenging authority. Change for the sake of change can be a good thing because evolution is the natural sate of the universe. Even if nature is cruel at times, it is ultimately to be kind. To help you align with truth by opening your third eye while maintaining mental clarity, wear lapis lazuli all day.


When you think about others, you are helping yourself. This is evident when you start out praying for yourself and eventually find yourself praying for others. Many graces and spiritual gifts lie in caring deeply about strangers because the god and the goddess are present in all things (including water, stones and air). The sooner we appreciate what the energies around us have to teach us, the sooner we will have more to teach others; which results in healing yourself by healing others.

While regular clear quartz is said to be the master healer, lemurian quartz is the master of crystals. It aids in spiritual awakenings, amplifies prayers, helps you to access higher states of consciousness, connects you to hidden knowledge within and removes energetic blockages from all chakras.


What follows when you shut yourself off from the lessons others have for you is a state of being disconnected from a vast wealth of wisdom which connects all energy and thus all matter.

The greatest arguments come from the heart because the greatest truth is love, it follows that the greatest lie is fear. Ignorance is certain death. In defiance of ignorance, embody life, nature and the divine.

Though systematic problems cannot not be solved with individualized or privatized solutions -- when you change yourself, the world around you changes.

Allow yourself to feel euphoric when bringing white light into material form. Ask angels or fae for help. Raise your vibration so that it resonates with the vibration of the universe. Allow yourself to be incredibly pure while holding selenite.

Your first and last freedom is what you allow in your body.

This includes your physical body, what you're allowed to ingest and whether it is healthy or not.

This includes your mental body, what you allow yourself to think, whether it is constructive or destructive. 

This includes your emotional body, what pain you allow yourself to feel and what mistakes you apologize to yourself and forgive yourself for.

Hold rose quartz and be kind to yourself.


If you are an indigo child or a star seed, now is the time for profound ascension. Smudge with lavender and sage to wash away the ignorance of the outside world, Hell is other people for people who try to embody the divine. Sit down with some amethyst and meditate to transcend the programming of the matrix & gain higher understanding. 

This may be done through accessing akashic records. A new download may be subtle and show itself through new ideas and mood changes. You might need to especially tune into the guidance of spirits and download new plans for a hopeful future. Be true to yourself by finding bliss in becoming your highest self.

Declutter to clear energy. Ask the goddess to open a passage, whether it be Mary (Untier of knotts), Kali (She who takes away fear and doubt), Hecate (The maiden, mother and crone who illuminated the underworld with a torch in order to find Persephone). Look within and take away what is causing chakra blockages.

Maturing means enlightening yourself through radical transformation. Never reject transformation.

The nature of the universe is evolution. This is evident in the fact that in nature, the agreement living things have made with the universe is "Evolve or die." That is how animals make peace with the chaos that life offers, it should work for humans too.

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