The Need For Capricorns In 2021

Upon us now is Capricorn season, the time between December 21 and January 21. (Valentine’s Day is nigh, get this Capricorn Perfume and Valentines Day Card Set)

If I were to throw together an acrostic poem about Capricorns it would be:

Persistent Realistic

The sign Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn.


It’s namesake is the constellation Capricornus, “the sea goat,” which is a reference to the Sumerian God Enki who ruled over intelligence, creation, crafts, magic and all kinds of water.

His name's meaning is uncertain but a common translation is “Lord of the Earth” or “Lord of This Mound.”

And this corresponds to the Capricorn’s “King Of The Hill” mentality about using ambition to receive material rewards or fame.

(Keep your beloved prized possessions this Capricorn Clutch.)

Another account suggests his name means “Spring Of Life” or “House Of Water.” This may remind us of a Capricorn’s steady, nurturing and intentful nature.

(Guard against workaholism by putting onyx and garnet in your Capricorn clutch. Onyx supports a Capricorn’s great inner strength. Garnet is grounding and connects one to the source of all life, it will decrease feelings of being burnt out and make you proud of your work while keeping your pride in check -- which is important for taking collective action or working vigorously toward the collective good). 

His main temple is said to be the first temple built in southern Iraq, with a name meaning “House Of Subterranean Waters,” in a marshy region where the land and water meet to sustain life.

In front of the temple, there was once some sort of reflecting pool that the faithful threw carp bones to the bottom of after collective feasts where (presumably) all the celebrants were fed until full. 

The God Enki’s origin story is as follows: His grandfather, the god Abzu was a despot ruler who was inert and was easily disturbed by the lofty aspirations of the younger gods, so Abzu sought to assassinate them. Enki, elected to represent the younger gods, cast a spell on Abzu which forced him into a deep sleep and imprisoned him deep underground. Enki then assumed responsibility for all of the functions of Abzu, including his fertilising powers as lord of the waterS

It is possible for Capricorns to become pessimistic if they feel alone in their struggle. Have faith in your own competence. Have faith that you are doing enough to develop as a person and help the people you care about. Light this Capricorn Pillar Candle to be reminded of the potency of your own essence.

It is also possible for a Capricorn to be emotionally distant or heavily guarded. Jet is the answer, to compartmentalize your anxieties into something metaphysical, and to center your reserved and protective nature and make it productive instead of a cause for inhibition.

Another deity associated with the sign Capricorn is Cronus or Saturn, who is noted for overthrowing his royal father and who was overthrown just the same by Zeus (who was brought up by a goat nymph, and which Zeus later placed in the stars as the constellation Capricornus).

So the story of Capricorns and the symbolism it contains is that of a level-headed leader finding fame by providing sustenance and freedom to their peers.

To bring out these things in yourself, whether or not you have Capricorn in your chart, carry smoky quartz which is grounding. This grounding stone in particular helps people keep their mind organized and awakens a need to protect others. Because smoke is shamanically used to cleanse, it is also typically used to turn negative vibrations into positive, which is important for staying motivated, maintaining perspective and following through in healing yourself in other ways.

Throughout mythos, there are Capricorns that you ought to look to for inspiration in order to align your goals with your deep intrinsic knowledge of truth with how you can use your natural gifts to raise the consciousness of the world during a turbulent time, in an age that has historically been predicated by upheavals and revolutions.

With that being said, rose quartz might be useful to maintain inner calm, to support being practical and to meditate on your personal values and how they pertain to family, those you care about and the rest of the universe.

The year 2021 has just started and we already find ourselves needing Capricorns.

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