What you can do to regenerate after Mercury in retrograde ends

In the year 2020, people have put determination in grounding themselves, cleansing themselves and balancing themselves. People are seeking centering and enlightenment in order to be happy. People are trying to force happiness and peace to be present in their lives.

But happiness and peace are illusive things. Often times, the harder we try to find happiness and peace, the more exhausted we become jumping hurdles. Often times, it is easier to solve our problems by taking the path of least resistance.

This Mercury in retrograde, which started in Cancer, forced us to spend time in our minds and to look into the depth of our hearts. What lies in the depths was obscured so we had to devote special attention to peering intently. At certain points, it was overwhelming to be so introspective, at other times, it was addicting.

When Mercury is not in retrograde, being so introspective can be a form of hyperactivity. It is a sign of a restless mind. During the retrograde, not only were we forced into our shells, we were unable to voice our innermost thoughts effectively or our environments were not suitable for communicating these discoveries about ourselves. Many times, when we tried, we were met with insensitivity instead of understanding.

Maybe this faulty communication started or reawakened arguments. Maybe we looked inside and felt uncertainty or regret for the choices we have made or the unhealthy attitudes that we have inflicted on ourselves.

This may be especially true with matters pertaining to the your past, your family, your household and your homeland.

Now, the lines of communication have a chance to be healthy again and now is the time for reconciliation. This does not mean returning to bad habits or giving toxic people yet another chance; but apologizing or accepting an apology is often a necessary step in healing yourself.

To catalyze reconciliation, start with a pink candle. While pink is often used in love spells, it is also for compassion, harmony and emotional and spiritual healing. Carve into the candle your name and the other party's name. Imagine that you are writing in their heart.

Dress the candle with almonds, rue, mullein and yarrow.


Almonds may be a strange tool for you to work with in magick. When you use almonds, you ask benevolent entities to bless your work and call forth purification. Since you are involving higher powers, the implementation of the almonds will nurture self-control which will help in breaking bad habits. 


The potential to do evil is in all of us. Though it can be used to throw curses, rue may be used to push evil away as well. It is also known to keep away insects that spread disease. Rue makes hardened hearts soft and inspires grace through an expanded perspective.

With mullein in your intention candle, you won't waste any more of your dreams on nightmares. You will not be preoccupied with the wrong doings of others. Your energy will return to you from wherever it is. It also brings back sanity. 

What you are doing could be considered black magick -- in that your are forcing a person to be more peaceable. Yarrow is a plant that empowers witches and black magick. Black magick can be effective in casting away evil and disrupting evil behavior because a house divided cannot stand.

More importantly, it is a ceremonial plant that is held high in a number of cultures. Being associated with Venus, it brings harmony, unity and a deep understanding about the once elusive mysteries of love -- and respect for boundaries.

I've been known to sometimes reconcile and then abruptly disappear. I do this because, as a Sagittarius and thus an argumentative person, I have to remember to put away my ego away in situations like these because it is more important to be at peace than to shout out the winning argument. They might come around or they might not. 

People and plants grow in their own time. You can try to speed this process; but when a person is really messed up, it may take a major life event to change their minds. Remember it is irrational to argue with irrational people.

What's most important is being a good person and respecting the god that lives inside you, honoring them. If someone sins against you, I won't moralize against retribution, but I do know that your ancestors already always have your back.

Knowing this, we will be able to remember the past and experience the present without shame or regret. You have been where you needed to be and your are in a place that is right for you now.

When we realize this, we can allocate less energy to healing inner turmoil and more energy toward seeing ourselves reflected in the beauty of the water, earth, sky and each other.

During Mercury in retrograde you can ring a throat chakra bell to aid in communication, carry lapis lazuli or fluorite for extra abilities of discernment or amethyst to rise above the static and faulty ways of thinking. It might prudent to collect these things before the next retrograde which will be in October.

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